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OCT 24 - NOV 22
Daily Horoscopes

Isn't it interesting how people always jump a step back when you tell them you're a Scorpio - as if that stinging scorpionic tail of yours is about to lash out at the first person that walks by. In fact it's not like that at all - and Scorpios are usually not usually cruel, but they are intense.

You are intense emotionally and exert your passion in a very focussed and determined fashion. You get what you want even if you have to wait a long while. And passion doesn't only apply to physical and sexual matters. You are passionate about anything that captivates your attention.

Your magnetism is highly noticeable and you probably know it. It's also quite likely that by now you've discovered your hidden talent of attraction and influence - usually by the mere magnetic look of the enticing fire in your eyes, the mystery of the real Scorpion in you.

Because Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, the deeper and hidden aspects of emotion are your terrain and few people really understand the depths of feeling which are at the heart of your inner nature. The eighth house regulates the aspects of life, sex, death and regeneration. The symbol of the phoenix rising from the ashes describes the transformative aspects of your nature, the potential for incredible inner awakening and spiritual power.

If hurt, you're prone to biding your time for vengeance sake, for a more appropriate time to balance the score sheet. On the other hand, you exhibit a fiercely loyal streak and are protective of family, friends and territory too. You want the best for those in your life and may exert yourself to extremes to prove your worth and dedication to the ideals that you set for yourself in life.

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